Sunday, July 27, 2014

The House Guest


An older gentleman knocks on the door:

"Gregory! Gregory Brundle! It's me, Charles! Are you home?"

He knocks again and peeks into the window.

"Gregory! I'm going to come in! I haven't seen you in weeks! 
I'm a little worried about you! Are you ok...?"

Charles opens the door slowly. He looks inside and cringes from the foul smell. 
He waves his hand in front of his face to try and get rid of a fly that flew by him.

"Doctor Brundle! This is Charlie."

(He gasps for air because of the stench)

"I'm here to check on you!"

He walks around the house looking for signs of Gregory.
He checks the table for papers.
He looks at a calendar on the wall.
On the table is a rotting piece of meat. 
He shoos a fly away from the meat, and throws the meat in the trash can.

"Gregory!! Are you here? Can you hear me??"

Charles proceeds upstairs. He swats once at a fly. 
He looks through the bedroom. Nothing in there is disturbed.
In the bathroom, he finds vomit on the toilet. 
As he cleans it up:

"Gregory - what a mess you left..."

He swats at a fly again. 
He wipes a few more times, then flushes the toilet. Before exiting the bathroom he sprays air freshener.
Going out into the hallway, he swats again at the fly, getting more irritated now.

"Oh Dr. Greg - you need to hire a maid and an exterminator 
when you get back!"

Charles sits down on the couch and looks down at some magazines on the coffee table. All travel magazines. 
He swats at the fly again.

"You pesky little insect!"

He rolls one of the magazines up, and slowly stands up looking for the fly.
Charles chases the fly throughout the main level, eventually cornering him in the study of the house. 
Charles closes the door to trap the fly. He waits for it to land. It lands on an open book. 
He swats at the fly and kills it. He picks up the book/journal he killed the fly on, and starts to read:

"Dear Diary - I made a scientific breakthrough. Through countless hours of research 
I have been able to combine my DNA with that of another animal.
 I have introduced that DNA into my own blood stream and am slowly 
becoming more like it. My eyes have multiplied. 
I am growing wings. I am even shrinking in size. 
This is magnificent!! I am truly becoming a fly!!"

From POV:
Charles looks over at the opposite page.
He sees a smudge of a dead fly.
He closes the book.

Roll Credits.

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